The science of colour: Why our branding is orange

Colours are essential in branding. They create powerful associations to the logo and the brand. Research conducted on colours at The University of Winnipeg states that “62-90% of a person’s initial assessment of a product is based on colour alone”. 

Colour psychology is important in marketing. Colours trigger emotions and impact how buyers perceive a brand and product. The right colour can draw a consumer’s eyes and convey something about your service without a single word. Finding the colour that fits your company depends on what associations you want to convey when people see your brand. Choosing the right colour relies on knowing what a colour means and what it represents.

How people perceive colour can be heavily influenced by environment and location. For example, in the United States people might associate orange with prison uniforms.

Why orange

Nothing rhymes with orange, but the vibrant colour has a lot of traits we embrace. Here are our top 3 reasons to use orange within duomedia’s branding.
  • Creativity! Orange stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain. That’s where creativity and emotional intelligence comes from. It’s the part of the brain we use at duomedia to put our ideas into practice! It’s how we turn abstract concepts in B2B communication into a clear understandable message.
  • Awareness! Like a beacon in a sea of monotony, orange commands It makes a brand stand out. Think of a traffic cone or a reflective vest, it draws attention. Orange is associated with security and alertness. Orange aligns perfectly with our slogan ‘Get Noticed, Make Impact’ that is exactly what we want to do.
  • Enthusiasm! Described as a high energy colour, orange exudes excitement. Making it a popular choice for sports teams’ uniforms. Orange is seen as an exciting colour. At duomedia we do not only rely on coffee, our branding increases energy levels too. GO TEAM!
  • Comfort! It is on the warm spectrum of the colour wheel. Depending on its hue, orange can be warm and cozy. As customer service is crucial to us, we want our branding to underline that we strive to make our customers feel comfortable and confident.

The select few brands that harness orange effectively use it to underscore the fun, creativity, and energy of their brand. Think of renowned brands like Basic Fit, Orange, Telenet, Dunkin’ Donuts, Hubspot, and Nickelodeon. Whether used as a splash of color or as the cornerstone of branding, orange exudes warmth, coziness, and an immediate sense of welcome.

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Yannick joins duomedia as a Communication Consultant after assisting students with their theses. She is an avid reader and comes to duomedia with strong linguistic skills being fluent in Dutch, French, and English. She enjoys sharing her love for languages and proves to be an outstanding team member.