What Does the Future of Press Releases Look Like?

Digital Press release

What is the future of press releases? We at duomedia have asked ourselves that question many times. Therefore, we wanted to discover what the main source of news is for journalists. Although press releases might often be considered old school, they still have a significant value to journalists.

It is often said that there’s a lot of uncertainty in today’s world, but that is less the case for press releases, according to our respondents. More than 90% say they collect news via press releases, indicating that press releases area still valued and not at all old school or out of date if done properly.

Important Sources of Information

In terms of other sources of information, 78.4% reported they do individual research, and 60.8% cited events. A somewhat surprising outcome is that only about half use social media. Some respondents also pointed to communication with company contacts and one-on-one interviews as important sources of information.

In conclusion, almost 65% of the journalists who participated in our survey confirmed what we at duomedia firmly believed: press releases still have the same added value as they did 10 years ago!

So, that concludes our five-part blog series! We hope this series has been helpful for you in assessing the quality and effectiveness of your press releases. We at duomedia are ready to help and assist you in taking your press releases and other communications to the next level to get the best performance possible! Visit us at www.duomedia.com for more information and book an appointment now!

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Image by Sophie Janotta from Pixabay