The impact of COVID-19 on B2B communication

Impact of covid-19 over B2B communication

The world continues to feel the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic. Never have we faced such commercial and economic restrictions, with new circumstances requiring ever more intelligent approaches to come out ahead. In the wake of the cancellation of trade events, B2B industries are questioning how to move forward with their communication. Here are some leads to help them shift to successful PR strategies.


The vanishing of trade events

For many B2B industries, international trade events are long awaited and celebrated encounters. They only occur once every couple of years and are treated as special occasions for major announcements.

Many R&D developments are scheduled with a specific trade event in mind, and businesses often hold on to their biggest announcements until that event occurs. That is because these events present an excellent opportunity to blow competitors away and impress audiences. After all, what better time for a major announcement than the moment the entire industry is present?

The decision to skip a major event is not to be taken lightly. Participating often requires a hefty budget, but the benefits of being present are invaluable.

During the current pandemic, trade event organizers have had no choice but to postpone or cancel their physical events.

As a result, many B2B businesses are left with two big challenges:

  • To continue communicating and informing their markets.
  • To gather leads and be able to introduce new products and solutions.


Without the opportunity to get together at physical trade events, many businesses find themselves falling back on their ‘owned’ and ‘shared’ communication channels. Their efforts are focused on their website and social media channels activity, and on their commercial database. But when the only source of information about the quality of a business’ products or services is the business itself, the credibility of the message may be called into question.


Time to play your PR card

In this context, PR can play a vital role in a business communication mix.

In 2019, when we asked business professionals which communication channels they trusted the most to remain informed, news magazine articles and news websites ranked highest.

The reason these channels score so well is because trade press editors and journalists are respected industry experts. The trade press covers industry-wide topics, it is not restricted to a specific type of technology and publishes all the industry news and options.  

Unlike the communication made by a business through its own channels, communication made through the trade press is in essence absent of polished marketing and sales messages. Trade press editors and journalists sift through it and look for what is newsworthy. They select the messaging that will add value to their audience, and the communication of a business should be customised specially to them.

This is where we can make a big impact. Our international team of PR and communication experts have developped a close relationshipt with our editors and journalists and will assist businesses with gaining industry-wide attention for their solutions and developments. Through our PR network and media relations, we enable businesses to reach larger audiences.  


Your message matters

To strengthen a business reputation and reach larger relevant audiences, we help develop a messaging framework. A messaging framework is based on market and brand research and will help you define the value that your product or service can bring to your audience.

We check how a brand, product or service is perceived in its market. We compare the communication efforts and mentions of a business with its competitors. In addition, but we research how a business and its brand are currently perceived. And we work and build a messaging framework, so we can aid a business to shape how they want to be perceived.


Live webinars

2020 really increased the demand for setting up live webinars. A great example of some of our work is the launch of Taghleef Industries’ Dynamic Cycle.

A webinar enables businesses to inform larger audiences while gathering leads, generating the kind of exposure that is sought after now more than ever. In addition to the commercial boost they provide, webinars are also a platform to inform the market in a more subtle way. By providing industry influencers, trade press editors and journalists exclusive information, duomedia helps businesses inform their markets in a positive and credible way.


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