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Webinars are live events, and live events always hold uncertainties. The duomedia B2B guides are full of tips and tricks to make sure that as a presenter or moderator, you don’t run into issues that could have been avoided. Let’s talk about your internet connection. Having good hardware is important, but having a strong and stable internet connection is just as essential to make your webinar a success. Here’s what you can do.

Connect via cable

The first thing you need to do is make sure your laptop is connected to your modem (internet) with a cable. We recommend that you use a wired network rather than Wi-Fi: you will have a more stable connection and you will avoid any drop in audio or video quality in the middle of you presentation. If you can only connect via a wireless connection (Wi-Fi), make sure your signal is strong and you are as close as possible to the router.


Check your internet speed

Speed in an important factor for a webinar, and if you are the one presenting, the absolute minimum you will need is a download speed of 5Mbs (the higher the better). You can test the speed of your internet connection here:


Hold all downloads

If you’re about to moderate or present a webinar from your home office, make sure you have the necessary bandwidth.

This is not the moment for people on your network to check Netflix specials, download the latest game or upload large images. Streaming, downloading and uploading will affect your internet speed and reduce the bandwidth available for your connection, and it is best to avoid them during the webinar. This advice also applies to you of course.

If you’re presenting from the office, you will typically have a professional setup that is stronger than most domestic connections. Our advice is to be safe rather than sorry and check with local IT should there be any doubt.


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Close your browser tabs

If you’re just about to log into a webinar, close all unnecessary tabs from your browser. Background tabs can have a dramatically negative effect on your browser performance and will drain your battery quickly. But we know that last item shouldn’t be an issue for you if you followed the advice in our first blog.


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