PR & communication

In order to expand and optimise your brand awareness and reputation through PR and communications, we start with a thorough audit, analyse your market position and make concrete proposals to clearly communicate the identity of and value propositions for your company to your target audience. Through a well-considered thought leadership strategy, duomedia is able to anchor your company as a leading authority within your field. We do this by identifying the themes that are strategically relevant for your stakeholders and linking the topics within your field of expertise to them. We strive for the highest possible engagement and a broad reach through our cross-media approach. The ultimate goal is to increase the visibility of your company and to emphasise your added value to potential customers. Our method uses three pillars that form the basis for a successful communication plan:

Our pillars

Brand awareness

A good definition of your company identity can be decisive in communicating with your target audience. duomedia ensures that you cut through the clutter and provide the customer with a clear view of who you are and your company's values.


duomedia helps you to portray your company in a positive light. Together, we build a positive image that focuses on the strong points of your company.


We help you to discover the information needs of your target group and to meet those needs. This way you can present yourself as an authority in your field. Your product always remains the core focus of our efforts.