SEO best practices in 2022, Blogging is key(words)

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How to improve SEO in 2022, thanks to SEO blogging

SEO is a key factor when making a new website. But what’s the best way to go about it? How can you ensure your SEO strategy is up-to-date? SEO integration has become an intricate part of any B2B communication campaign. To effectively manage our SEO strategy, we need to acknowledge its ever-evolving nature. In a series of 3 blogs we’ll explain the top SEO trends for 2022, and today we discuss why quality blog content is key for your SEO.

Quality blog content is key for your SEO

Google – One search engine to rule them all

The agent of change is Google, the reigning ruler of the search engines out there. Our aim is to provide insights into how to attract targeted visitors to the website. This blog focuses on an SEO strategy that is effective with Google, as 91.42% of people use it as their primary search engine.



Back in the day, webmasters could easily manipulate the system and have their website ranked in one of the top positions of a search, just by adding pages of keywords without considering the visitors’ interest. Google’s customers complained about these poor-quality search results and that’s when, in 2011, Google introduced Panda. Panda is the name of Google’s algorithm: it calculates, according to various criteria, which websites are relevant to the consumers’ search. Initially, Google regularly communicated any updates to its algorithm, but since 2016, Google no longer seems to have the need for this. Therefore, as an agency, it’s our role to stay well-informed of any subtle changes that allow our clients to better position themselves on Google’s search ranking.

How digital content impacts your SEO ranking

The Panda algorithm favors useful and recent content to provide the best user experience. To rank higher on Google, make sure that you update your content regularly, keep it original, and that you don’t have duplicate content. Panda does not favor copy & paste, so always focus on creating high-quality original content. How to do this? We recommend investing in content creation, particularly copywriting.

Blogging is key(words)

Blogs have all the qualities that Google looks for: relevant and regularly updated content that is useful for your visitors. But be careful, we’ve mentioned it before but it’s crucial so we’ll say it again – don’t copy & paste! The algorithm favors new, unique and innovative content.

Blogging allows you to target SEO-optimized long-tail keywords. People tend to want to include the most relevant keywords for their business. Sounds logical. But SEO is competitive, so all your competitors want to achieve the exact same. That’s why for most brands the best edge to rank higher, is by using more specific and longer keywords that are relevant to their business.

This makes your content more likely to receive a better position in google searches, as well as increases the odds that the visitors you receive are actually looking for the content you offer. The additional advantage is that your visitors will stay longer on your page and hence your bounce rate will be lower.

How would you search on Google?

As already mentioned, to appear in the top results and the simplified results of Google, it’s necessary to have the right keywords for you. Today, an effective keyword is adapted to how a prospect carries a search: by using keywords and by searching orally via Google Home, Alexa, … Think about how you would conduct your search and apply this to your blog.

Indeed, people tend to search for keywords instead of complete sentences. For example, people search for “PR agencies Brussels” and not “PR agencies situated in Brussels”. Drop unnecessary words and focus on keywords! It’s important to know this when choosing which keywords to incorporate into the meta title of your page, especially since the number of characters is limited.

In addition, voice commands are more and more widespread thanks to Google Home and Alexa, a simple “ok google” and you have answers to all your questions. We advise you to create content that answers these questions. To answer them, create blogs or videos that address these questions and answer them in a short and simplified way: if someone is looking into “How to improve SEO in 2022?”, try to incorporate it for example in the title of your blog post 😉.

Next week we will have a blog about the basics. So important, but very often forgotten.