Satisfied with the quality you deliver? Think again

should I have social media for my business

Whether you produce goods or deliver a service, one rule of thumb always applies: “There is always room for improvement”. It’s a lesson I picked up from listening to Sir James Dyson, and it is with that mindset that I keep looking at how we can offer a better service to our clients at duomedia.

Continuous and incremental change is an effective way of driving the long-term improvement that is needed to deliver a quality service in the ever-evolving environment of international communication. What works today, can no longer work tomorrow. Be prepared for that.


New ways – new opportunities

With every new tool or platform available, with every new social media feature, we check how relevant it can be for our clients. Could it add value? Does it fit with their tone of voice? Could it strengthen a campaign, or could it help their brand stand out? Trying new ways to do something means acknowledging what goes well, and redirecting when there is room for improvement. By carefully monitoring our clients’ reach, we can fine-tune the way we work and make sure results are aligned with our clients’ needs and expectations.

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