Print Against War, support from and for the print industry

When Lorenzo Villa approached us seeking support for the Print Against War initiative, we wholeheartedly accepted the challenge!  We were immediately drawn to Print Against War, a nonprofit initiative of the Meaningful Print Foundation, to help and support our colleagues in Ukraine’s print and packaging industry during these very difficult times.  As we watched the terrible news coming out of Ukraine, we all felt powerless. By supporting Print Against War, we could lend a helping hand in support of the country’s printing industry..

This initiative, Print Against War (PAW), is really an act of solidarity calling upon printers, publishers, influencers and suppliers to the printing and packaging industry to join forces to support their colleagues during this incredibly difficult time. Beyond the war in Ukraine, the organization’s goals extend to an ongoing ability to help restore the socio-economic fabric of printing in any regions affected by war or other disruptive activity.

We immediately put our heads together to develop a plan on how to go about it. Here’s what we are doing.

Involve the media

A first idea was to involve our friends from the media. This is our industry that is being affected, so they are vital in supporting this initiative and making their readers aware of how they can help.  After all, it’s all about connecting printing companies from all regions with Ukraine.  We asked them to promote the PAW initiative and website to their readers.

Social media campaign

In addition to the traditional channels, we are also including the social networks, ideal for creating awareness around the globe and sharing the latest updates on this wonderful initiative.

Find ambassadors

Quite a few high-level industry personalities are willing to add their support of this initiative, people like Benny Landa, Alon Bar-Shany, Sabine Gelderman and many others have expressed their empathy and support.

In times like these, we need to unite and support our colleagues as best we can. Therefore, Print Against War welcomes any donations or support from printers, suppliers, manufacturers, publishers, trade show organizers, and any other accredited member of the industry. 

Together, let’s make it happen!

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