This is the recipe to write a good case study

Picture this: You have a treasure chest of invaluable insights, proven solutions, and unrivaled expertise just waiting to be unleashed. What’s the key to open this chest of potential gold? Case studies! In this blog, we will tell you how to handle your case study!

Pick the right topic                                                                                                                 

Your first step will be to select a meaningful topic and get your client onboard. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you start: was your client satisfied with the service you provided, and did it meet their goal? Will they agree to having some of the figures shared? Next, does your solution resonate with the experience or needs of other clients, and can it also be adapted and applied to their benefit? Ideally, you should address a specific situation that aligns with your audience’s interests or goals.

Get the facts

Your case study should be built on solid ground. Make sure you gather facts that quantify the positive impact of your service on your client’s business. People love figures! Use specific data to highlight the success of an event, to show a rise in website traffic or to underline how much time was gained during production. The right metrics will convey the value of your offer. Be selective with your data and focus on the type of information your audience will need. Keep your case study short and easy to read.

Structure your content

A case study should typically follow a structure that guides your readers through. The introduction should give an overview of the situation faced by the client before they turned to you and describe what objectives they were set to meet. You should then expose how your product or service provided a solution to the situation. Last, explain how your product or service helped the company to achieve its goal. You can also add a summary or a call to action at the end to reinforce your main message and encourage your readers to take the next step.

Tell a Compelling Story

A case study is not just a collection of facts and figures, it is advertising material. Tell the whole story from start to finish to make it interesting – each section should compel your reader to go to the next one. Use real-life examples, anecdotes, and quotes to make the situation more tangible. Write in a clear and concise manner, avoid jargon and don’t forget to optimise for search. Before finalizing your case study, proofread it carefully to iron out any error or inconsistency. A polished case study reflects your professionalism and attention to detail.

Make it stand out

No matter how strong your story is, you need a good designer to grab and keep the reader’s attention. A case study should be appealing and easy to read and scan. Create a balanced color scheme, break the text into small paragraphs, and choose a suitable font. Add callouts to showcase your client quote or key statistics. Include photos of the client’s workplace to help visualize the settings. Readers will enjoy clear data illustrations, graphs, maps or timelines.

Publish and share

Before you are ready to publish, make sure to include a call to action that will guide your readers to where you want them to go next. Use a good design to make your CTA stand out and create a specific statement that speaks directly to your target audience.

Ready to publish? Start promoting and sharing your case study with your target audience and across different channels. You can post about them on social media, you can link to them in your newsletters, and you can write blog posts about them. You can also use testimonials and create teasers to attract attention.

Questions? Get in contact with us. We are happy to help.

Mireia is duomedia’s Spanish Digital Marketeer. She is always on the lookout to detect new communication opportunities for duomedia and our clients, a much-appreciated skill that make her an excellent blogger. Mireia loves food, nature, travelling, and practices yoga in her spare time.