Case study: An international digital campaign for Ricoh to boost attendance at their webinar on emerging trends

The challenge

Ricoh Europe provides a broad and rapidly expanding portfolio of hardware, software and services solutions. Their technology is designed for graphics communications specialists, including commercial printers and enterprise print rooms.

Ricoh Graphics Europe organized a series of webinars aimed at educating participants on the streamlining and automating of printing ecosystem. After holding the first webinar, the company made a strategic decision to promote subsequent webinars with a view to increasing attendance and enhance visibility.

The solution

To support the webinar series, duomedia implemented a targeted social media campaign to redirect specific leads to a landing page set up for each webinar. The campaign involved identifying the appropriate audience, creating compelling content for the posts, and promoting the posts to the relevant demographic.

The result

Clicks to landing page

Identify the right audience

Ricoh catered to two distinct target groups in a multi-country campaign covering Germany, Spain, Italy, and France. To ensure maximum reach and engagement, the campaign posts were written in English and translated for each country.

The distribution

duomedia identified a target audience for the first webinar. For the second and third webinars, the parameters were further refined to optimize outcomes and ensure effective engagement.
The promotion on LinkedIn took place one week prior to the webinars’ scheduled dates, with posts advertising the event and links to their respective landing pages. In addition, duomedia published posts on other social media channels and posted blogs to highlight the value of the webinars.


The collaboration between Ricoh Europe, with its extensive solutions portfolio and outstanding reputation in the sector, and duomedia, with its expertise in social advertising, was key for the campaign to reach a wide audience.

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Arne is the newest face of duomedia. As a Digital Marketing Executive, he assists the team by creating, planning, and distributing all digital content. He brings in a strong passion for branding and always welcomes a challenge. In his free time, he enjoys making music, spending time with friends, and going for runs.