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A design for crisp and clear content
The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance is a European initiative that aims to integrate various forms of transport into a single service accessible on demand. Keen to increase their membership, they turned to duomedia for the creation of an informative leaflet that would help bring new members on board.

The result is an easy to read leaflet that is ready to be handed out at events or conferences.

Europe-wide benefits
After a thorough briefing, we started with the creation of a fresh-looking leaflet. It had to be small, so we kept the text crisp and concise. We opted to place an infographic at the centre of the leaflet to highlight the advantages of the Alliance. At the print stage, we picked a glossy finish for the MaaS logo to make it confidently stand out.
“MaaS Alliance now attracts attention and
is able to convince their audience to get on board.”
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