The CSR communication topics you need to develop

In our previous blog we addressed the benefits of CSR communication. Now we’d like to look at the topics that could be valuable to a business and a brand.

The full CSR menu

While sustainability and employer branding are commonly associated with CSR communication, the scope extends far beyond these realms. To fully appreciate its depth, let’s explore the menu of topics it encompasses.

Environmental sustainability

Detailing initiatives aimed at reducing carbon footprints, conserving resources, contributing to environmental preservation. Certificates from recognized organizations, investments in clean or renewable energy technologies, efforts made by your business to improve logistics, to name a few.

Social impact

Showcasing a business’ efforts to improve human rights, gender equality, support local communities, and address social issues.

Ethical business practices

Highlighting transparent and fair business practices that prioritize integrity and honesty. The code of conduct a business enforces on its suppliers regarding human rights and fair labor for instance. The anti-corruption measures.

Employee well-being

Illustrating programs and policies aimed at enhancing the well-being of employees. Transparency in the training and development opportunities. 

Diversity and inclusion

Communicating commitments to fostering diverse workplaces and inclusive corporate cultures.

Consumer engagement

Consumer education and awareness campaigns. Label on products to sensitize consumers. Certificates.

Corporate image

The R&D in technical development. Collaborative efforts with other companies. Disclosure of CSR goals, progress, and impact.

Community engagement

Narrating stories of active involvement in community projects and philanthropic endeavors. Charitable donations and partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Support for art. Wildlife preservation and reforestation.

As the landscape of business evolves, CSR communication emerges as a critical pillar in maintaining a positive corporate image. Embracing a holistic approach, integrating internal and external perspectives, and tapping into diverse narratives will empower businesses to authentically communicate their CSR efforts, resonating with stakeholders and forging lasting connections.


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Louis worked in hospitality, sales, marketing, and media before joining duomedia. A diversity of skills he uses to come up with strong communication and branding campaigns. He enjoys sharing his passion for communication, which makes him an excellent public speaker and moderator.