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How to make a B2B webinar

The B2B webinar checklist: your equipment

The B2B guide with tips and tricks for a successful webinar 2020 will be the year in which businesses fully embraced the use of live …

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should I have social media for my business

Satisfied with the quality you deliver? Think again

Whether you produce goods or deliver a service, one rule of thumb always applies: “There is always room for improvement”. It’s a lesson I picked …

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Digital Press release

What Does the Future of Press Releases Look Like?

What is the future of press releases? We at duomedia have asked ourselves that question many times. Therefore, we wanted to discover what the main …

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which image for a press release

How to make a Press Release stand out: The value of visuals

At duomedia, we’ve always strongly believed that visuals add significant value to press releases. To validate our beliefs, we conducted a PR survey, and we …

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B2B effective communication strategy

B2B PR & communication with and without advertising

In part 4 of our PR blog series, we examine the impact of advertising. Not only does it affect the visibility of your company, it’s …

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How to write attractive press releases

How to Create Compelling Press Releases

What makes a press release more compelling and attractive to journalists? In part 2 of our blog series covering our recent survey of journalists’ opinions …

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effective press release journalist survey

2 ways to make a press release more effective

In an effort to uncover what factors make a press release more effective, we asked more than 125 professional journalists and industry analysts for their …

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