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Communication that leads to new clients

Sales is a psychological conundrum. Its role is vital within organizations and businesses. No sales means no business. It never ceases to fascinate some of …

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Powerful tips on how to respond to negative reviews

We’ve all experienced this. We’re following up on a notification on social media and get to read an angry post from a customer writing about …

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Print Against War, support from and for the print industry

When Lorenzo Villa approached us seeking support for the Print Against War initiative, we wholeheartedly accepted the challenge!  We were immediately drawn to Print Against …

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Thought leadership, the benefits of becoming a thought leader

Thought leadership is defined as the expression of ideas demonstrating that you have expertise in a particular field, area, or topic. It’s a type of content …

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Google only uses the first 15MB of your webpage for its search rankings

Google updated its help document on how its Googlebot ranks pages. The tech giant clarified that it now only crawls the first 15 MB of …

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4 communication tactics to stand out from your competitors

Thanks to the internet, customers can now find solutions to meet their requirements or needs at any time from any place. Since standing out is …

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Life after Covid-19 management duomedia's take

Post-Covid-19 life: Have our lives really returned to normal?

What have companies really learned from Covid-19? This week marks the 2 years anniversary of the moment when, after living in lockdown for 6 weeks, …

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SEO strategy basics duomedia international B2B PR agency

SEO: To Keywords – and Beyond!

How to start building your SEO strategy? How to attract visitors? In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of content and specifically, keywords, and …

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