Feedback, key to building long-term relationships

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When you’ve been in business long enough, you’ll have experienced how difficult it is to find new clients. Keeping your existing clients on board is a precious asset. Building a relationship with them is critical to a steady business growth. Your project pipeline will be full, satisfied clients will have a healthier relationship with a business they trust, and they will also recommend you.

Seeking feedback is critical to a business. At the end of every project or campaign, we provide our clients with an evaluation report and meeting. A moment to measure the impact of a campaign and check whether it has performed well. But not only that. It also creates an excellent opportunity to hear directly from our clients whether they are satisfied or not.

  • Are they pleased with the results achieved?
  • Are they happy with the processes?

Customer feedback is important in order to improve your product or service. Knowing what you got right and what you got wrong enables you to have more control over the quality you deliver. Making time to gather feedback as part of the service will go a long way toward establishing trust and strengthening the relationship.


How to get customer feedback

We advise to think your questions through before collecting feedback so you have relevant input that you can rely upon to go further. We recommend finding an answer to these 3 questions before collecting data:

  • What do you intend to do with the feedback?
  • What part of the customer experience would you like to know more about?
  • Which customer feedback channel works best to gather the information?

Don’t miss your communication goals,

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With good preparations in place, you are ready to collect relevant feedback from your customers. A business needs to add value to its clients. To do so, the services you provide need to be at the highest level of performance.

Our true goal is to build long-lasting relationships. At duomedia we figure the only way to become a valued long-term communication partner is by always trying to do things better.

What communication channels do you prefer to use to collect data?

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