Facebook advertising is not a luxury

Facebook advertising cost

The organic reach on Facebook is limited to the people following your page. On top of that due to Facebook’s algorithm, on average an organic post reaches only 5.2% of followers on a Facebook page. To put that in perspective: roughly 1 out of 19 of the followers of your page get to see the non-promoted content you are posting. The best way to increase your reach on Facebook is by boosting your posts. If you want to expand your reach and get more visibility, Facebook advertising is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Organic posts

A lot of businesses might conclude that the organic reach on Facebook is not important. That’s not true. A successful advertising campaign is built on a strong, creative and consistent social media presence.

The ingredients for a strong social media presence:

  • Develop a content strategy
  • Engage brand ambassadors
  • Offer value to followers
  • Connect with people, respond quickly


Brands who manage to do that, are able to build trust and relationships with their followers.

B2B advertising options

Facebook offers many advertising options. The 3 main categories to choose from are Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.  Each of these options has a long list of subcategories and many of these are not well suited for B2B communication campaigns.  In fact, nearly half of Facebook advertising options are not relevant to a B2B marketer.  But for someone who knows the ropes, Facebook ads can help a business inform audiences, target specific audiences, grow brand awareness, nurture leads through the sales funnel and pass strong leads to sales.

There is a clear difference between B2B and B2C audiences for products and services.  But Facebook advertising enables a B2B brand to target a specific audience with lead-generation and retargeting ads.  As a result, Facebook advertising can help B2B brands grow awareness, boost traffic to a website and nurture lead generation.

Are you going to include Facebook advertising in your next B2B communication campaign?  Let us know your thoughts.