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Guidance towards more visibility
The time had come for ADW to reposition its services and create a new vision focussed on the B2C market. After analysing ADW's current style and promotional materials, the duomedia team proposed several ways that could help ADW attract more business.

Following an in-depth briefing, ADW opted for a total rebranding. Based on the feedback we had gathered, we assessed popular colours, typefaces and other imagery to find a visual style that would appeal to a younger market and to expand the business scope. We provided ADW with a new and coherent look that ensures greater visibility and sets them apart from their competitors. It was very exciting for duomedia to guide ADW towards this new adventure!

Fresh start with a new identity
While ADW's main activity is aimed at inland navigation, they want to shift their focus on the B2C market. To cater to this requirement, we opted for a different tone of blue and added a hint of yellow happiness. After all, as an insurance company, ADW is here to take problems away from their customers!

The water connection
To keep the identity and the connection with water, we created a yellow wave that runs through all the visuals and appears on the stationary, the website and on social media banners.
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