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New designs for lasting values
After carefully identifying and defining CERM’s requirements, the duomedia team developed a series of designs to match the values CERM stands for.

A strong theme within CERM’s business is "connection". With this in mind, we came up with a fresh design that symbolised the way CERM connects several technologies together.

This look and feel was consistently applied to everything from their business cards to their presentations and booth design. The result was a new, fresh and recognizable brand.

A butterfly effect
A butterfly with CERM's corporate colours illustrates the connection between CERM and its many partners. It links all the companies together to create strong and inspiring collaborations.

Inspiring stationary
To complete the rebranding, the stationary was renewed. A set of icons was created to explain CERM's service platforms. These icons are used in all the company's visuals and also appear in the signage used during trade events.
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