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feb 23
How to get your clients to participate in a testimonial
Posted by Louis De Nolf
When a business is on the verge of making a major investment, there is a lot of risk involved. If done right, it can be the key to a successful future. But if an investment does not deliver, it can be a long-term nightmare that will slow down a business for...
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jan 25
What your design says about your business
Posted by Elisabeth Decabootere
image from When a company’s visuals start to look outdated, you get the same feeling about their products and services. Whether it is the logo, the web design, the quality of a flyer, the lay-out of the newsletter or the presentation template...
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jan 10
Is your graphic designer comfortable with Chinese?
Posted by Florence Kircher
So, you translated your brochure and now you wonder why the layout doesn't look quite right. There is a simple explanation to this: during translation, the text might expand, contract or shift on a page. For example, a Chinese text typically contracts and...
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jan 03
A recipe from Monika Dürr - The Original Wiener Schnitzel
Posted by
The duolicious cookbook is a collection of duomedia’s favourite recipes. It offers a selection of international starters, main courses and desserts that are unique to each duomedia team member. You can read more about it here.   Monika Dürr has...
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dec 20
3 ways to make sure your B2B audience is listening
Posted by Louis De Nolf
What does a high tech B2B brand focus on when they announce the launch of a new product or service? For a lot of businesses with a lengthy R&D process, the answer will be on the technical features: The speed of processing, data processed, the amount of minerals...
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