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dec 03
PR, much more than media or press relations
Posted by Caroline Baron
IBIS Awards: rewarding the Belgium talents in brand and corporate communication Thursday, December 4, Augure will be in Brussels as a partner for the third ceremony of the IBIS Communication Awards, co-organized by BPRCA and 3C Communication. Don’t you know...
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nov 17
Impressions of Japan and Tokyo Pack
Posted by Joanne Hunter
by pack hack and first-time visitor Joanne Hunter My memories of past family visits and recollection of a highly respectful society, were all I had to go on as preparation for Tokyo Pack, Japan’s top packaging exhibition that runs every two years at the visually...
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oct 13
Posted by Elisabeth Decabootere
These days, photography has become very common in everybody’s daily life. No longer do we use just one device, photography is now integrated in our smartphones and tablets; ready to be shared with the world by the touch of a button. Maybe you have heard already...
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oct 01
Who will be the new social content king?
Posted by Louis De Nolf
Early 2014 news articles were mentioning the decline of interest of young facebook-users. Journalists from across the globe were eager to join the conversation and spread the word. But when we look at the facebook demographics between 2011 and 2014 there was a...
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sep 19
A Stroll through the Big City of Communication
Posted by
Not so long ago, one of my projects brought me to New York. A city you can wander around in endlessly. I like that feeling. It keeps my creativity flowing endlessly too and it is that same drive that has kept me wandering through the Big City of Communication for...
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