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More than a team, meet Dorien
Posted by Louis De Nolf

When working with an agency like duomedia there isn’t just one person dedicated to you, you get a whole team of communication experts. We’ve launched this series of blogs to shine the spotlight on each of our team members and their specific skills so you can get to know them a bit better. This week, we’re giving the word to Dorien Cooreman.

Hi Dorien, great to have you with us. Can you tell us in an ‘elevator pitch style’ how you would describe yourself?

I’m Dorien, 31 years old and mom of a little girl of 2. I love the small things in life and having a daughter helps to put everything in perspective. I enjoy my job and want to take the most out of it. Learning new things is stimulating and encourages me to do more and better.

I need challenges and variety to keep me focussed and sharp. I’m social and need people around me. Privately but also in my professional life, I place great value on the opinion of others and want everyone to feel good in the workplace.

Mobile phones have become a big thing in our lives, what app do you have on your mobile phone that you particularly love?

I’ve recently been using the app ‘Too Good to Go’. It gives you an overview of restaurants, bakeries, grocery shops in your neighborhood who offer food at a lower price to reduce food waste. It’s a nice way of helping, as small as it is, the environment and your local shops. It makes me try new things (both food & shop related) and best of all: you never know what you will receive so every purchase is a surprise smiley


Can you describe for us what it is you do for your clients?

As account manager, I am the connection between the client and the media/magazines. We make sure the message of the client is spread in a correct and appealing way so that their brand gets the best attention and reach. Aside from the daily activities (content creation, media buying, media outreach, etc.), we also work out PR campaigns, product launches for example. From social media support to graphic design and event support - there is nothing we cannot do.


Which is the most exciting facet of your job?

I like to have direct contact with my clients, we often have face-to-face meetings and I can always contact them if I have questions. Going to events & fairs is always nice to do as you see and learn new things.

The challenge is to be aware of everything your client does, to know their products well,
but also keep an eye on the competition and be ahead of things.

What would you like to say to the businesses out there who might benefit from duomedia’s services?

duomedia has 20 years of experience in the graphic arts, packaging and other B2B markets, and that shows in different ways: we know the market and its changes, we have a very good relationship with international magazines and journalists, we know our clients, but also keep an eye on the competition and we know what to write to convey our clients' messages. There’s much more about it, but above all, we’re just nice people to work with wink.


Thank you for your time Dorien, as always, it’s been a pleasure!

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