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What would it cost to get your documents translated?
Posted by Louis De Nolf

Use the duomedia cost calculator for a quick and easy answer! No app needed, our website is accessible on all devices and will do the trick.

Cost estimate

Find out in a heartbeat what the cost would be to translate your document thanks to our online cost calculator. Fill in the number of words and the languages you need your translations to be in, and our online calculator will give you a cost estimate straight away! Check out for yourself what interesting rates duomedia offers for translations.


duomedia works exclusively with native translators who only translate documents into their mother tongue. A second proofreader verifies the copy and fine-tunes the style of our translations. We guarantee that your text will be fluent, natural and of native quality.

B2B translations

If you want your international communication campaign to make a real impact, you need to provide your audience with content in their mother tongue. When introducing new products across several markets, translations are imperative for a good launch. Product information, tech sheets, sales presentations, sales campaigns, etc., your sales teams won’t be jumping for joy when you hand them materials that are not in the languages of their markets.


We work with B2B professional translators that understand the importance of correct terminology. It is that level of understanding of your sector that allows us to deliver the quality your business needs.

Give it a try

Trust duomedia with your translations to get great value for money, quick service, and a customer friendly approach.

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