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20 years duomedia - time for a statement
Posted by Louis De Nolf

The drive of duomedia has always been ‘communication that makes an impact’. The strength, its people. This year our agency heads into its 20th year of activity. In two decades a lot has evolved in communication, and so have our services. The success of duomedia is directly correlated to the success of our clients’ communication and we have a long track record to show for it. The key to any successful business is to never stop researching and implementing new possibilities. Over the years duomedia introduced innovation like digital clipping books, a digital newsroom, social media services, digital advertising services, online monitoring, and now offers inbound marketing services. Solidified by our partnerships with both Hubspot and Lead Forensics, we offer a beautiful symbiosis of outbound & inbound communication services. A duo of services one might call it. The name never befit our agency better before.

It has always been our focus that made us exceptional: an agency able to offer quality international outbound & inbound communication for technical B2B businesses. Over the course of 20 years we’ve been part of the evolution of communication, assisting businesses with the implementation of successful communication campaigns. We helped brands grow their visibility with the aid of print, media, mailers, advertising, online communication, social media, event support, and now inbound marketing.

So we thought it was time for a bit of rebranding. We felt the need for a visual change. A service doesn’t come in a box, so we focussed on our visual identity. The change in our logo symbolises both inbound and outbound communication: the blue circle drawing inwards, the orange circle expanding outwards.

When we look at where we came from and where we are now, a lot has changed. However, adding inbound marketing to our services comes naturally. We’ve always been experts in creating and repurposing technical content. The reason we’re able to service B2B technology businesses is because we mix B2B market intelligence with innovation in communication tactics. That’s what makes us a valuable communication partner. That’s what allows us to set up a planning based upon a communication strategy. That’s what enables us to craft quality multilingual content. That’s what enables us to reach the audiences our clients desire.

We are able to assist businesses with multilingual communication because our team consists of professionals who deliver technical as well as commercial content. We’re an agency that is able to work out international campaigns to strengthen brand awareness, and craft content campaigns that bring in new leads through inbound marketing.

duomedia also has a creative team that delivers all types of visual communication. Our team can deliver quality graphic work that meets the requirements of today’s short attention spans. More than ever, visuals need to catch the attention, represent the values of a business, and help communication stand out.

Our combination of expertise and experience is what makes duomedia special when it comes to international B2B communication. A strong communication partner in both inbound and outbound marketing, if you’re looking for help to build an international reputation or grow your brand awareness while attracting and gathering relevant leads, that’s looking for something exceptional. That’s looking for duomedia.


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