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How to maximize your brand's visibility as an exhibitor
Posted by Louis De Nolf

In September 2019, Labelexpo will once more be THE meeting place for packaging and labelling professionals from all over the world. Labelexpo is a much-anticipated tradeshow in these sectors for businesses to introduce new products, technology, and improvements. It is also an excellent platform to sneak peek company announcements. Very often, businesses invest deeply in booth construction, hostesses & staff at the stand and graphic design, but limit the impact they can generate from a PR point of view. A show like Labelexpo is the moment where international specialised influencers & media gather to discover major announcements, get a private demo on a new product and get exclusive interviews. Since this is one of those moments where media and business are gathered in the same location, at the same time, it is a communication diamond to execute some PR tactics. If done correctly your business and brand will shine bright like… well, like a diamond. So what type of PR tactics are we talking about?

Get the audience excited

Before the show starts, there are plenty of opportunities to strengthen your participation to Labelexpo. It is great if plenty of people come to your stand and ask what your business is about. It is even greater if lots of people come to your stand and already know what they want to see. A communication agency can help you spread the word on your business. It can help you reach an international crowd through:

  • press releases & distributions
  • social media campaigns, from content creation to posting & advertising
  • blogs
  • mailers to your own and third-party databases

By sharing a glimpse of what you are going to show at Labelexpo and gathering registrations, your business will already have caught the attention of an audience that is interested in the solutions you provide.

Press conference

If your business has a big announcement to make at Labelexpo (industry-shaking announcements, management changes, new product) a press conference provides you with a unique opportunity to address a highly targeted crowd of media and influencers. A specialised communication & PR agency can provide you with a private on-site room to have a one-on-one with the media. This room can be decorated in your style, equipped with your media kits and promo-materials, and filled with international influencers and journalists thanks to the invitations and networking handled by the PR team.

Meet & greet: one-on-one interviews

A specialised PR team can host and arrange private meetings between journalists, influencers and your CEO or other spokesperson. These pre-arranged meetings with corporate executives are scheduled in 30 or 60 minutes blocks and allow company officials to have a one-on-one meeting with a journalist or influencer to discuss topics in detail. A PR team coordinates these interviews for you, and makes sure your executive management has the flexibility to address commercial requests or attend sales meetings without missing opportunities with the media.

Press drink

Sometimes a more informal press drink can be the solution if you want to launch a sneak peek on a company announcement. Often they can take place at the booth itself. We frequently hear from businesses that they don’t have enough to mention to address the press. They forget that a reputation is built on repetition and requires continuous efforts to build. It might be obvious to your team internally what your products and services are about, but this may not be the case externally. Addressing journalists and influencers during an informal press drink can strengthen your business and have a big impact.


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