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Posted by Louis De Nolf

The duolicious cookbook is a collection of duomedia’s favourite recipes. It offers a selection of international starters, main courses and desserts that are unique to each duomedia team member. You can read more about it here.

This recipe is provided by Rosa Arza who has been the duomedia Content PR Consultant in Spain and Portugal since 2004. We asked Rosa why she chose this recipe and here is what she said.


"Tortilla de Patatas is one of the most famous tapas in Spain, and it must be tasted to discover how delicious this easy mixture of potatoes, onions and eggs can be. Also, it is a complete meal when combined with a salad. At home, we eat this dish at least one a week. If you want to be creative you can do tortilla with other ingredients, only including peppers, zucchini or chorizo, for instance."


1 kg potatoes • 1 large onion • 8 eggs • extra virgin olive oil • salt


Peel the onion and potatoes.

Dice the onion into very small pieces and put in a large pot with a lot of oil.

Slice the potatoes and add to the pot.

Fry everything at a medium heat, removing from the hob from time to time, until the potatoes are fully cooked and golden brown.

Add a bit of salt.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and add the potatoes and onions.

Coat a frying pan with a little oil.

Cook the egg mixture on a high setting and then lower the heat.

Turn the tortilla over so that it is browned on both sides.


¡Buen provecho! 


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