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What is it a PR agency does exactly?
Posted by Louis De Nolf



Ever heard of the 4 P’s of Kotler? Chances are you have, after all the basics of marketing are drilled into everyone’s mind in every business education. But why is it someone’s favourite news source suddenly dedicates a story on a brand or business? A question not a lot of people think about.

A very recognisable problem to a lot of PR-professionals, because the answer to the question ‘what is it you do?’ is often met with a very confused face. ‘Right, so like an advertising agency?' … sigh

The image lives that journalists sit behind their desks, pondering what to write about next… until a sudden epiphany strikes: “I know, I’ll write about Panasonic!” To be clear, no, this type of situation does not occur often.

That’s why duomedia decided to create a short animation. A quick and clear video to explain how a PR agency functions, and how it can help the brand awareness and reputation of a brand or business.

Please feel free to share this blog, I believe a lot of people could benefit from seeing this animation.

Louis De Nolf

General Manager duomedia

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