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Getting the most out of trade events
Posted by Louis De Nolf

For many organisations, trade events provide ideal venues for announcing product launches and innovations. They offer the ability to address a large target audience about products and solutions a company has to offer and its strategic direction. It gives organisations access not only to potential clients and leads but also to market influencers, trade press editors, industry analysts and others who can exponentially increase message reach.

For the graphic arts sector, drupa is a pinnacle trade event, offering access to a very interesting (and very large!) audience. But getting the most out of an event like drupa takes a great deal of planning and preparation. That’s exactly why duomedia invested a significant amount of time and energy on behalf of its clients in preparation for the show. And the results they achieved reflected that effort.

As we began preparing for this event, duomedia organised a pre-drupa press event early March which gave eight leading companies access to more than 70 international editors and influencers. And at drupa itself, we helped Xeikon and Ricoh with the successful execution of their on-site press-conferences.

The result? A large percentage of visitors to our clients’ drupa stands already had good knowledge about what was being offered, and heightened interest. This ensured better-qualified leads.

duomedia uses a proven process for ensuring the best possible outcome from trade events and other outreach activities, prior, during and after the events. At drupa, we were successful in driving more than 100 journalists and industry analysts from around the world to the Xeikon & Ricoh press conference. Here’s how.


Over many years, duomedia has built a strong relationship with many of the key editors and publishers in both the offline and online worlds. We sent out personal invitations to the press conference and assisted invitees with the logistics needs (airplane, train, hotel) as required to encourage their attendance.

We also assisted with the writing and distribution of news releases, some of which were available prior to the event and some of which were new at the press conference. We have found that providing editors with newsworthy information in advance increases the likelihood they will attend.


On site, we made sure that journalists and analysts were fully aware of the press conference location and that they arrived on time. This included placing flyers in the media centre as well as frequent contact. We greeted and welcomed everyone, and gathered all business cards. We managed to get over 100 journalists from around the world on board to attend the Xeikon & Ricoh conference.

We helped prepare dedicated press materials, including assisting with the copywriting and translations of these materials.

There is only one way to successfully reach an international audience of editors, and that is by providing them with information in their native languages.

All relevant news and supporting materials were assembled on USB sticks available at the press conference, ensuring journalists and analysts had all the information and visuals needed to write a quality story. These USB sticks were also available to journalists who were not able to attend the press conference but were interested in access to the information.

During the conference, we also gathered feedback from the journalists. This is vital to evaluate efforts and look for future opportunities for improvement in a company’s communications and press relationships.


A post-drupa mailer was sent to all members of the press containing a link where they could download the press kit. This mailer also highlighted who at duomedia they could contact for more information.

A personal thank-you e-mail was sent out to each journalist or analyst who took the time to do an interview with one of the company’s executives and/or attended the press conference.

Articles, blog posts and other coverage of Xeikon at drupa will continue to roll out over the next weeks. From the time our pre-drupa press conference was held to the current time, we have already tracked 600+ articles or postings. For Xeikon this is a significant reach beyond the show itself.

If you have an important trade event coming up or just need help with expanding your public relations efforts, duomedia is here to help. We’d love to hear from you, and to be able to deliver for you the kind of results we delivered for Xeikon and our other clients at drupa.


Louis De Nolf
General Manager duomedia

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