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Adapt, create, connect: The reach of your communication campaign
Posted by Louis De Nolf

This blog is the last of three in a series called ADAPT, CREATE, CONNECT. This series intends to dissect the crucial facets of a communication campaign. The first part ADAPT addressed the strategic elements of a campaign. The second CREATE tackled content creation. We recommend reading the first two blogs before moving on to CONNECT that addresses the topic of reaching your target audience.


CONNECT – How to reach more people

“Your content may be gold and your team may have created a brilliant video, launched a wonderful versatile app, upgraded your website with a cool redesign, but it will all fall flat if you don’t manage to connect with people and get your target audience to see it."


Grow visibility and reach
In a survey run by duomedia (which you can download here), we asked B2B trade event visitors what made them pick the businesses and brands they visit. The answers we gathered were surprising in that people generally couldn’t pinpoint a single information source that was decisive. Often, it’s some combination of:

  • an interview they read in a industry trends article
  • something they saw in a video on their social media newsfeed
  • a logo they remember from an ad
  • a conversation they had with colleagues at an industry association event

So, rather than naming specific channels or sources of information, these professionals seemed to be telling us that their real source is "me, my own network".



Communication mix
Your content needs to be available where people interested in your products and services will be looking for information. This opportunity does not present itself on one single communication medium, and to successfully reach your audiences you need to be present on multiple platforms. As a result, each of your messaging efforts will reinforce the others, making your leads more likely to consider your services as an option.


Social media activity
The organic reach of B2B communication efforts on social media is limited by algorithms. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter aim to protect their users from being overwhelmed by commercial messages. So, each in their own way limits the reach of organic content. We’ll address the reasoning and details behind that in a later blog topic.

Handled correctly, with social media advertising a part of your communication campaign, your online reach will significantly increase while remaining targeted towards your buying personas.

It doesn’t require massive budgets to boost your campaign. Your budget needs will vary depending of the scale of your campaign: the regions involved, the different language versions, the fragmentation of sectors, etc.


External database
Another option to increase the reach of your communication campaign is to work with an external database. What's most important about an external database is that it be of good quality and that its contacts are kept rigorously up to date. If that is not the case, it can be damaging to your campaign and you might reach people that are outside your target audience.

At duomedia we’re very much aware of how crucial the quality of external databases is. We have partnerships in place that allow us to target and filter down to audiences until our communication efforts are uniquely directed towards the people who are relevant and interested in the solutions you have to offer.

Do you want to find out more about how to reach your audience? We recommend connecting with our commercial team, they can provide you with all the details you need over a short Zoom call.


This blog is part of a series of 3 blogs: Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and read our blogs ADAPT, CREATE and CONNECT on the nuts and bolts of a communication campaign.


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