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Adapt, create, connect: Creating content for a B2B communication campaign
Posted by Louis De Nolf

This blog is the second of three in a series called ADAPT, CREATE, CONNECT. This series intends to dissect the crucial facets of a communication campaign. The first part ADAPT addressed the strategic elements of a campaign. We recommend reading it before moving on to this second part, CREATE, that goes over content creation.

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CREATE – Communication channels and content

A rule of thumb before jumping into content creation is to make sure that the topic, the angle and the type of content are all in sync with your campaign strategy and goals. Sounds logical, but it happens that people start with content creation without thinking things through. This leads to having to restart the copy halfway into the project, which could be avoided by having a clear approach from the start.

The frequency of content creation for your campaign will heavily depend on the data you have available. Creating strong and purposeful B2B content is an arduous endeavour. It requires time, focus, market knowledge, a deep understanding of your goals, and a budget.

It is worth considering working with communication experts. Experienced B2B content creators are copywriters with a journalistic background who will enable you to create content efficiently, saving you time and budget. They are adept at finding the essence of a story and will deliver strong content that can be repurposed, and they will approach topics from the right angle.

Types of content for a B2B campaign

A strong communication campaign uses a multi-channel approach. What marketing gurus in 2018 were calling ‘content hacking’. People get their information from several communication sources and channels before making a buying decision. Often it is very hard to identify what leads people to make a purchase. It results from a series of impulses, information and contact points that convert leads into clients. A successful communication campaign will reach its audience on several occasions, gently nudging them into ‘acting’: Going to your website, getting in contact with you, booking a meeting or demo…

Social media campaign

Today a communication campaign cannot do without social media. You will find that a social media content calendar is key to bring structure to your efforts. It maps out the most opportune moments to post your content and builds momentum for your campaign.

Based on the KPIs that you have set during the ADAPT phase of your campaign, you can efficiently assess the success of your social media efforts. This is crucial for your campaign to be tweaked and adjusted as needed.

To protect their users from being bombarded with irrelevant information, social media channels have design features that minimize your reach. To offset these constraints, your communication campaign will require some effort to reach your target audience, and it will also need to include advertising.

Blog campaign

We’re a big enthusiast of making blog series part of a communication campaign.  Their versatility and ample benefits will add body to your campaign. A blog can increase your brand awareness, allow you to present yourself as a thought leader, improve your SEO and much more. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of blogging, we recommend reading the piece we wrote about this topic by clicking here.

Other great campaign content

A lot of other types of content could be really beneficial to you depending on your goals and data. Here are a few honourable mentions for exquisite B2B campaign contents:

  • testimonials
  • case studies
  • landing page (dedicated page on your website)
  • webinar or live online event
  • informational videos or animations

CTA – Call To Action campaign

How do you get your audience to take action? How do you get them to click on a link, go to a website, get in contact, book a meeting, schedule a demo, etc? With a strong CTA! Don't beat around the bush. Don't try to explain everything you have to offer before the actual meeting or demo. Instead, trigger your readers into paying attention and reel them in. A good CTA will clearly state the benefits you offer, will be related to your content and will motivate people to act.


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