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More than a team, meet Florence
Posted by Louis De Nolf

When working with an agency like duomedia there isn’t just one person dedicated to you, you get a whole team of communication experts. We’ve launched this series of blogs to shine the spotlight on each of our team members and their specific skills so you can get to know them a bit better. This week, we’re giving the word to Florence Kircher.

Hi Florence, great to have you with us. Can you tell us in an ‘elevator pitch style’ how you would describe yourself?

Hello! In short, my field is translation and linguistics and what I like best is to see translated content written well. A subject I am finding particularly interesting right now is the ability of AI technologies, both in translation tools and in speech recognition, to improve the quality of translations and the way translators work.

The industry is changing fast and is looking to benefit from this technology, while on the other hand, linguists are still needed to ensure that translations hit their mark. The challenge is in finding a future that accommodates both.

Mobile phones have become a big thing in our lives, what app do you have on your mobile phone that your particularly love?

I enjoy reading and I use apps such as Goodreads. I like to get recommendations for new books and see reviews from others. Messaging apps are also used a lot. I find them practical and easy, and they allow me to stay in touch from anywhere.


Can you describe for us what it is you do for your clients?

At duomedia I take care of our clients’ translation needs.

Anything having to do with the translation of content, desktop publishing, engineering, or subtitling comes to my desk. I also perform reviews and page proofs, copyediting… anything that contributes to the improvement of the clients’ content.

Which is the most exciting facet of your job?

Working with a small company means that everybody can be involved in all aspects of the business, and I get to lend a hand to the other teams. This is something I really enjoy.


What would you like to say to the businesses out there who might benefit from duomedia’s services?

That we offer much more than PR. Translation is a great way to expand your reach worldwide and at duomedia we have everything you need to get your message out there.


That was a very insightful interview Florence, we’re looking forward to the next one!

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