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How to perfect your drupa communication
Posted by Louis De Nolf

Is having a stand at drupa worth the investment for a business in the graphics industry? Do you find yourself conflicted about whether it’s worth booking a stand during a trade event? Then we have some interesting figures to share with you.

A recent study done by duomedia on the communication behaviour of B2B professionals revealed that trade fairs and seminars & conferences rank in the top 3 of most relevant communication channels. These channels are also in the top 3 most reliable when investing in new products and services.

You can read the full report on our communication study on B2B professionals here.

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A quick intro to drupa

Trade shows provide businesses with the opportunity to inform their target audience and attract new prospects and leads. In the graphics industry, one of the markets duomedia specialises in, a key trade event is the drupa fair. This quadrennial event gathers all key international stakeholders in the graphics industry and its diverse sectors for a duration of 10 days in Düsseldorf, Germany. Simply put, if you consider yourself a big deal within the graphics industry, you need to be there.

"drupa brings together all the major players of the graphics industry, ergo also everbody’s competitors. With every business coming with the same intent: to get noticed, to be the talk of the show and to drive new sales and partnerships.
It’s in every business’ interest to stand out."

A drupa communication strategy

To have visibility, a business needs to be present where its target audience is. When your success is rated by the number of relevant leads you acquire, it doesn’t matter what your own preferences are. In terms of marketing and communication, a business should be sure to have a strong presence with their brands on all the relevant communication channels used by their target audiences. Not only does a company need to be visible, it also needs to do so while looking their best.

To make sure your business doesn’t miss out on any crucial communication opportunities, you need a tailored communication strategy. Here is a quick outline of a successful drupa communication strategy:


  • A definition of the stakeholders that should be reached out to
  • A messaging framework: the core company message and all the methods used to put that message in the minds of consumers and stockholders
  • Media outreach: a tailored media selection
  • A centralised PR planning & timeline
  • A tailored social media support & advertising campaign
  • A drupa content overview


The duomedia approach

Each business at drupa needs to find the perfect balance between the budgets available and the desired brand awareness that will fit their needs. Striking that balance for your business requires a lot of experience and a detailed planning. A free consultation by duomedia could already get you a long way. Get in contact with us if you’d like to find out how we can help your drupa communication become a success.

Afbeelding van Robin Higgins via Pixabay

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