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More than a team, meet Catherine
Posted by Louis De Nolf

When working with an agency like duomedia there isn’t just one person dedicated to you, you get a whole team of communication experts. We’ve launched this series of blogs to shine the spotlight on each of our team members and their specific skills so you can get to know them a bit better. This week, we’re giving the word to Catherine Carter.

Hi Catherine, great to have you with us. Can you tell us in an ‘elevator pitch style’ how you would describe yourself?

Hi. I am happy to turn my hand to anything - a kind of jack-of-all-trades - which is why I love being part of the duomedia team. It allows me to work closely with some clients and dive into others when the need arises. I am particularly interested in watching emerging trends and seeing which ones make a true impact.

I also enjoy helping clients bring to life their take on these trends and demonstrate how their systems and solutions deliver against this backdrop.

Mobile phones have become a big thing in our lives, what app do you have on your mobile phone that your particularly love?

Not a very exciting answer I know, but my mail apps are THE most useful. They allow me to be responsive no matter where I am.  Much of the time I use both my phone and PC emails at the same time. This is a life saver when connectivity is proving unreliable.

I also recently got to grips with using iMovie to make short clips for social media. This proved to be a particularly useful way of showcasing the energy and excitement at Xeikon Café.


Can you describe for us what it is you do for your clients?

The short answer is help them responsively with whatever they need whenever they need it. The longer answer is that it varies all the time. The core element is monthly support with press release and content creation as well as social media management. Added into the mix are event and show attendance, media liaison and pretty much anything else that comes up.

Which is the most exciting facet of your job?

The fact that everyday is different. There are always new elements to my role which I love.

What would you like to say to the businesses out there who might benefit from duomedia’s services?

It is easy to make noise in a crowded room, but it is not always easy to be heard. To be listened to by the right people you need to communicate in the most effective way. Duomedia helps with that. It also keeps you involved in the most important conversations.

Interesting to read Catherine, thank you for time!

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