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The power of hashtags: Are they still relevant in social media?

Hashtags are a great way to expand your reach beyond your followers, but today they are at the heart of much debate questioning their relevance.
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Case study: Ricoh – Blogs to strengthen thought leadership

duomedia helped identify new topics and trends, conducted research, and liaised with key Ricoh team members to gather information and prepare the blogs. Once finalised,
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PR and Communication: The Ingredients to a Successful Trade Show

Trade shows, the bustling hubs of industry networking and innovation, serve as a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services to a
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The impact of Social Media: This is how Ricoh Europe captivated audiences during a key trade event

duomedia put together a social media campaign for Ricoh Europe focused on brand awareness and fostering engagement.
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Case study: At Roularta, storytelling and website development go hand in hand

The challenge Roularta Printing is a recognised Belgian leader in the field of printing and production of high-quality print media. The company is well known
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How to use media buying to your advantage

When talking about communication, you have to mention media buying. It refers to the process of purchasing advertising space and time in one or several
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Should you integrate ChatGPT into your business?

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, adopting new technologies has become crucial for staying competitive. One of the most disruptive innovations of recent years is
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duomedia is on a mission to make B2B communication better

duomedia has launched a campaign to enhance B2B communication To achieve this, we have developed a survey to collect valuable information on how businesses can
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Get to know the Voice of Packaging

An opportunity for editors and influencers to gather information from businesses that set the tone for the packaging industry We are launching Voice of Packaging,
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