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duomedia continues to grow: meet our new team members!

We are excited to announce that our team continues to grow. The latest additions to the duomedia family are Arne Tofec as Digital Marketing Executive ...
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4 reasons to try digital postcards in your B2B communication

Digital postcards are standalone newsletters that arrive opened in your inbox, ready to be read. They incorporate one unique concise message. They enable you to ...
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The importance of podcasts in the communication mix

Podcasts are reshaping the way companies and individuals share information, becoming key in the communication mix and offering a unique blend of accessibility, authenticity, and ...
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The CSR communication topics you need to develop

In our previous blog we addressed the benefits of CSR communication. Now we’d like to look at the topics that could be valuable to a ...
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Why your business can no longer ignore CSR communication

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communication has evolved into an indispensable aspect of contemporary business strategies. It underscores a company's commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and ...
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Case study: XSYS – Promoting company knowledge with a press release

Together with duomedia, XSYS created a concise and informative guide that addresses common misconceptions surrounding the washout process. The guide highlights the negative impact of ...
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B2B Social Media trends for 2024

In the rapidly changing world of B2B marketing, the social media and communication landscape will remain an unpredictable one – who could have foreseen what ...
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This is the recipe to write a good case study

Case studies are a powerful tool to showcase the value of your offering in a concrete setting. They explore a specific situation and offer insights ...
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The power of hashtags: Are they still relevant in social media?

Hashtags are a great way to expand your reach beyond your followers, but today they are at the heart of much debate questioning their relevance. ...
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