Case study: Xeikon – live broadcast to stand out from the competition

The challenge

Xeikon is an innovator in digital printing technology. It designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital colour presses for label and packaging applications, document printing, and commercial printing.

The company is keen on building a strong relationship with the media and the journalists. During the global pandemic in 2020, physical events could not be organized and communication had to find new ways.

The solution

Xeikon, with the support of duomedia, organized an online press conference. To stand out during a time when online events were abundant, duomedia suggested to implement a LIVE BROADCAST, enabling it to be streamed.

The result

Journalists attending
Countries represented
Newsletter clippings
Online clippings

Preparation and promotion of the event

A dedicated landing page was created for the event. Journalists who signed up to the event had exclusive access credentials to participate in the broadcast. In addition, they had access to unique content created by duomedia. 

To promote the event, a series of mailers were sent to the journalist database of duomedia. A first mailer highlighted the landing page and exclusive content. A second mailer promoted the upcoming live broadcast. Finally, a thank you mail was sent to all the journalists who had joined the event.

duomedia created the content and managed the distribution of the mailers.

Live broadcast with an expert round table 

Before the live broadcast, duomedia ran rehearsals with the different speakers. On that basis, duomedia developed a script that set out the broader lines for the broadcast while leaving room for improvisation and spontaneity.

“Really great job! Very professional. The best virtual industry press conference I've seen yet. A benchmark. Congratulations!”

The event was held on June 3rd in a professional studio and was broadcast live online to all the attending journalists worldwide. The intent was to create a “news effect” with a host to deliver a dynamic atmosphere and to introduce the speakers. The broadcast closed with a roundtable discussion and a Q&A for the journalists.

All attendees were given access to the landing page for the event. This allowed them to use a wide range of exclusive materials, including press releases, videos and images for writing up articles for their magazines.


In a period where everything went digital and every event was organised online, it was a big success to have 80 journalists joining the live broadcast. Xeikon opted for not having “just another Zoom meeting” and managed to stand out during the challenging COVID period.

“I was impressed at how professionally the online event was organized, and of course at how many innovations were announced. Congratulations on all that!”

About 50% of the journalists who participated in the event took the initiative to write and publish articles about it. Furthermore, a follow-up email was dispatched 15 days later and achieved an opening rate of 35%.

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Louis worked in hospitality, sales, marketing, and media before joining duomedia. A diversity of skills he uses to come up with strong communication and branding campaigns. He enjoys sharing his passion for communication, which makes him an excellent public speaker and moderator.