Case study: Ricoh – Blogs to strengthen thought leadership

The challenge

Ricoh Europe provides hardware, software and service solutions for graphic communications specialists ranging from commercial printing to enterprise print rooms.

Ricoh Europe wanted to strengthen its thought leadership in the printing sector and decided to create and distribute a series of blogs to share the latest in views, expertise and technology innovations.

The solution

duomedia helped identify new topics and trends, conducted research, and liaised with key Ricoh team members to gather information and prepare the blogs. Once finalised, the blogs were published on a weekly basis by Ricoh employees on their personal LinkedIn profiles. The blogs were also shared on the company’s official social media channels.

The result

Average impressions per month
Average engagement rate (%)

A series of blogs to present the challenges of the industry and offer solutions

The blog content was created by duomedia. duomedia conducted the research in the print market, where trends are more dynamic than ever, explored issues and challenges and highlighted relevant Ricoh solutions to help Print Service Providers (PSPs) optimise their digital processes.

For Ricoh Europe, the blogs were an excellent way of sharing the company’s expertise and market knowledge. They explored fresh approaches to support PSPs transitioning from analog to digital and helped identify new growth opportunities.  They were instrumental in strengthening Ricoh’s reputation as an industry thought leader.

The distribution

The Ricoh employees published blogs at regular intervals on their personal LinkedIn account. The posts were shared by Ricoh Europe on the company’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. The blogs were also published in duomedia’s newsroom.

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