Case study: ETS virtual summit – tissue paper’s crucial role in hygiene

The challenge

The European Tissue Symposium, a trade association representing paper tissue producers in Europe, chose duomedia as the lead agency for its Paramount campaign, a joint communication project in which all the ETS member companies participated. duomedia had been supporting ETS with PR and communication since 2008, making it the agency of choice for this initiative.

ETS aimed to raise awareness on the importance of using tissue paper as the faster, safer, healthier and cleaner solution in the horeca business, and convince B2B decision makers to switch to tissue paper. The campaign strategy was designed around the following tactics: creation of videos, copywriting of content, setup of dedicated landing page, social media, hosting of virtual summit event, and influencer marketing.

duomedia determined the global strategy and setup and lead the general management and implementation of the campaign. In this case study we will go over the benefits of the virtual summit hosted by ETS.

The solution

For the Paramount campaign, duomedia suggested to organise an virtual summit called ‘Tissue paper, The Smart choice’, enabling ETS to highlight the benefits of paper tissue with the support  of scientific research and studies. The audience for this online event were professionals working in the procurement and catering industries across Europe and responsible for purchasing decisions for washrooms, kitchens and front-of-house areas. This event was to foster ETS’s credibility and also position the organisation as leader in the paper tissue sector, enhancing its reputation and reach.

The result


From 50+ different countries

The Virtual summit: Safety in 2021 and beyond

In collaboration with ETS, duomedia orchestrated the setup and hosting of a virtual summit and took care of all the aspects of the event’s preparation: scripting, determinating the overall theme and topics, searching and selecting potential speakers, choosing the right online platform. 

The event was organized around three focus tracks: hygiene and safety, sustainability, and consumer insights. The speakers offered a wealth of sound advice to professionals on the benefits of tissue paper and also new approaches to make their businesses safe and viable. They explained the science behind their advice and responded live to questions from the audience. To enhance the overall experience and make for a relaxed speaking environment, the speakers gathered at a dedicated studio located in Belgium where they got expert guidance and high-quality infrastructure. The event took place in English, enabling an international audience to attend and gain insight on the items discussed.

Event promotion

In the weeks leading up to the summit, duomedia had developed a series of short videos that were used to promote the event on the company’s social media channels. The videos conveyed the ETS message on the importance of using tissue paper and featured a call-to-action, directing viewers to the event’s dedicated landing page. 

The outcome

With its ‘Tissue paper, The Smart choice” virtual summit, ETS had a unique speaking platform to provide attendees with the best resource to recalibrate their business and align with the new approach to hygiene and safety that is required after the pandemic. Professionals received advice on how to make lasting changes to their business and ensure that they can remain viable, profitable and safe going forward.

The event strengthened ETS’s credibility and created a sense of trust and reliability, enhancing the organisation’s reputation and influence it enjoys in the paper tissue sector.

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