Case study: ETS – Video campaign for an attractive visual messaging

The challenge

The European Tissue Symposium, a trade association representing paper tissue producers in Europe, chose duomedia as the lead agency for its Paramount campaign, a joint communication project in which all the ETS member companies participated. duomedia had been supporting ETS with PR and communication since 2008, making it the agency of choice for this initiative.

ETS aimed to raise awareness on the importance of using tissue paper as the faster, safer, healthier and cleaner solution in the horeca business, and convince B2B decision makers to switch to tissue paper. The campaign strategy was designed around the following tactics: creation of videos, copywriting of content, setup of dedicated landing page, social media, hosting of virtual summit event, and influencer marketing.

duomedia determined the global strategy and setup and lead the general management and implementation of the campaign. In this case study we will go over the benefits of the video campaign.

The solution

For the Paramount campaign, duomedia suggested to develop a series of short videos to communicate in a visual way how tissue paper are always the faster, safer and cleaner solution, making it the preferred choice for the horeca and hospitality business. The videos were created in two different styles, touch videos and tell videos, each showing the benefits of choosing tissue paper, and targeting both consumers and B2B audiences.

The result

videos created
language versions

The strategy around the videos

duomedia took care of the concept creation and scripting of the videos, with the objective to carry the ETS message and share it with a broad audience. The main focus was to generate extra traffic to the website and social media channels while increasing awareness and engagement around the campaign.

Content style and reach

The videos were created in two different styles: touch and tell, with each its message and audience.


The series of ‘touch’ videos were designed to appeal to consumers and businesses and raise awareness about the benefits of using paper tissue. The visuals showed situations taken from daily life and were easy to relate to for a wide range of viewers. Ten videos were created with a focus on a B2C audience, while three others focused on B2B. The touch videos were created and translated into multiple languages (Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish),  ensuring that the campaign’s message reached a wide and international audience.


In the three ‘tell’ videos, experts from different fields came to explain the benefits of using tissue paper and bring evidence showing why it is the better choice. They discussed the topics of sustainability and hygiene versus cleanliness and the overall tone was neutral and scientific. The aim was to foster a deeper understanding of these subjects, highlighting their significance and promoting informed decision making. The videos combined interviews and animations to explain technical issues, making the topics easy to understand.

The distribution channels

The videos were distributed across the ETS social media channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Each video contained a link directing viewers to the landing page dedicated to the ETS virtual summit. This approach enabled ETS to widen its reach and communicate with audiences that may not have been part of their usual target audience. It also drove traffic to the website and encouraged participation in the event.

With these videos, duomedia succeeded in generating conversations and in maximizing the campaign’s impact.

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Louis worked in hospitality, sales, marketing, and media before joining duomedia. A diversity of skills he uses to come up with strong communication and branding campaigns. He enjoys sharing his passion for communication, which makes him an excellent public speaker and moderator.