About us

We are an international Business-to-Business (B2B) communications agency based in Brussels that is committed to delivering high-quality, authentic content that will strengthen and distinguish your company.

Thanks to our experience and long-term cooperation with customers, we have very broad, sector-specific know-how, mainly focused on the graphics industry (print, visual communications, signage and textiles), healthcare & pharma and the packaging industry. Our multi-channel approach allows us to deliver quality PR campaigns aimed at all your target audiences.

Our team

If you are relevant to someone else, you've got a business

Louis De Nolf
General Manager

Bring content alive

Elisabeth Decabootere
Creative Services Director

Information is giving out, communication is getting through

Maarten van der Burgt
Digital Marketeer

Make ideas happen

Dorien Cooreman
Account Manager

Ready to translate your ideas

Florence Kircher
Translation Manager

What is not communicated does not exist

Mireia Rosell├│
Account Executive

Speak with intention. Listen with attention.

Yannick Boedts
Communication Consultant

Words create worlds. Choose them wisely.

Arne Tofec
Digital Marketing Executive


Annette Finn
Barbara Bernardi
Catherine Carter
Elena Bondarenko
Rosa Arza
Veronica R├Ânnlund