5 benefits of blogging you can’t ignore

Interested in setting up a series of blogs for your business, but not quite sure yet about the added value it brings? Here are duomedia’s top 5 reasons why a blog is so important, and how it will enable you to increase your online presence. This is your opportunity to provide relevant information to businesses while attracting more visitors to your website.


1. Increasing brand awareness: Show the people behind the company

Did you just win an award, are you opening a new facility, do you have a new R&D focus? A blog is an excellent way to put your brand in the spotlight. It will give your readers a good sense of your vision and of the personality of your company. A blog can be a gentle way to promote yourself along with your products or services. Share the news, give exposure to your brand and increase your brand awareness.


2. Thought leadership: Become an industry reference

You have now been a leader in your field for years and have acquired priceless expertise. It’s your moment to share your knowledge and provide your readers with the latest market analyses, opinions on new developments and trends, and needed insight on new technology.  Setting yourself up as a thought leader will  build authority with your readers.


3. Establish customer relationships

Sharing in-depth material with other businesses will  build trust.  As you create a new blog, you start engaging customers in a soft and conversational way, showing the human angle of your business.  It will be your voice that educates your existing customers and attracts new ones by being a  relevant source of information.


From a recent study conducted by duomedia ( download the full report for free ) , you can see that B2B professionals appreciate it when you take the time to show them how you cater to their needs, how they can use your products and services, and benefit from partnering with you. In a blog, you can explore topics, and provide information that fits and that will reach people at the start of their decision making so that they turn to you for advice.

4. Improve SEO, drive traffic to your website

You typically communicate about your products or services, but do you frequently have new ones to talk about? Probably not.  All the more reason you need a blog.  The fresh content you create will be indexed by search engines, resulting in  higher rankings, and the regularly added content will help you to appear in search engine results, bringingmore traffic to your website . It will also enable you to add new content to your website on a regular basis, prompting people to come back and check it. This is why a blog is a such an effective inbound marketing tool.

5. The social media mix

Not so long ago, blogs were considered a platform separate from other social mediaEach of them a distinct entity going its own way, but with blogs seeming to slowly exit the stage in favor of social media’s short and snappy format. Things have evolved however, and blogs have proven to be the perfect type of content to share on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. They go hand in hand. Blogs provide your social media with in-depth quality content. The spontaneous and personal format of social media is picture-perfect to promote blogs.

To sum this up, blogging is a powerful way to increase online exposure, establish yourself as an expert, drive traffic to your website, and it is a great marketing strategy to reach new customers. Writing a blog is essential but can be a daunting perspective. duomedia’s team can help, click here to schedule a meeting with us.