4 trends in the graphics industry – FAST FORWARD IN PRINT!

As communication partner of VIGC, we are always thrilled to join their annual event Het Congres. Last year’s edition, a live stream, was fun to follow, but nothing beats the real thing.

Representing duomedia, Dorien Cooreman attended the Fast Forward In Print event. She was able to listen to more than 15 graphic professionals who talked about the hot topics in the graphics industry. We asked her what she thought were the most interesting highlights and have gathered them for you here.

The search for young talents

A majority of print businesses are currently having difficulties getting positions filled. Finding the right educated people proves more and more difficult, and this trend is so pronounced that business performances are dropping due to lack of qualified staff. The sector is facing the challenge to educate people and spread the passion for a career in print.


Millennials in print

The younger generation is now taking over the family businesses. As a result, a more personal approach with more involvement of the employees is noticeable. This younger generation is making sure their voices are heard and is taking part in the decision-making processes.

A reputation to hone

The printing industry tends to have a bad reputation when it comes to sustainability. The perception is that using paper is polluting and that it has a negative impact on the environment. But the industry is greener than its reputation and people need to be made aware that 75% of paper is recyclable. Print companies are moving with their times and transitioning into durable, environment friendly, and eventually to CO2 neutral operations.

Print is innovative

New technologies to better supply market demands are being brought to market. Have you ever heard of Smart Paper? Smart paper works through radio-frequency identification tags that are printed directly on the body. Inkjet printers are able to apply silver nano-particles to a piece of paper, transforming it into smart paper.

Paper that is able to tell you all about the journey the paper has gone through and its technical background (humidity, temperature, …). If paper can be smart, so can we. Its in-store uses are incredibly versatile, ranging from getting information on your smartphone directly from a product’s label to using printed coupons in a digital setting.

There was of course a lot more to take from VIGC’s ‘Fast Forward In Print’ event: Panel conversations with the new generation, ready and eager to shape the graphics industry. Debates on sustainability. Presentations on the changes and opportunities in the industry. The role of employees in the decision-making process. But to catch all of that, you should have been there. The good thing is you don’t need to wait a year to get VIGC’s update on the graphic industry. You can already join their BOPE 2022 event that will take place in February.


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