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Takayuki Kamei, Director of Toray’s Graphics Division in Czech Republic, to Take on New Role in Japan
21 Nov 2018

Prostějov/Czech Republic, November 21, 2018 - Toray Graphics in the Czech Republic, a leading manufacturer of waterless offset plate technology, today reported that Takayuki Kamei, long-time director of Toray’s Graphics Division in the Czech Republic (Toray Textiles Central Europe), will be returning to Japan to take on a new challenge. Mitsunori Hayashi, currently General Sales Manager for the organization, will take over the role of Director and run the business side of the operation, while the company created the new position of Associate Director for Technology, which has been filled by Kaoru Ueda as of 1 November. Mr. Kamei has been with Toray for 30 years and engineered the project that resulted in establishing the Toray Graphics Division in 2013, including its state-of-the-art Research & Development Center located in Prostějov.

“My time here in Prostějov has been wonderful,” said Mr. Kamei. “We have a terrific team that has undertaken many challenges over the years. I am sure their great work will continue under the leadership of Mr. Hayashi and Mr. Ueda, both of whom are very talented leaders.”

Upon returning to Japan, Mr. Kamei will be leading a brand-new development project known as Innovative Printing Materials that will have Toray waterless offset ink and IMPRIMA plate technology at its center. “Because we will be relying heavily on the R&D center in Prostějov during this project, I am looking forward to continuing to work with the team here. Our goal is to launch new products emerging from this project at Labelexpo Europe in 2019, and to mark our presence with them at drupa 2020 as well.”

This will be the first assignment outside of Japan for Mr. Ueda, who has been with Toray since 2006 in a number of engineering roles. He brought a rich background in chemical and mechanical engineering with him when he joined Toray, and has significant expertise in the realm of inks.

“I want to extend my sincere thanks to the team in Prostějov, who has made my stay here a delight,” Mr. Kamei concluded. “I will miss working with them on a daily basis, but this is not a good-bye, by any means, since many of us will continue to collaborate on this new project. I encourage the team to continue with their exceptional work, tackling challenges and coming up with innovative solutions for the company and its customers.”

Mr. Hayashi added, “We would also like to thank Mr. Kamei for his leadership. We have appreciated the work he has done here, and working with him has been a great experience for all of us.”


TIE_pr18012_Mr. Takayuki Kamei: Mr. Takayuki Kamei, who has been the Director of the Graphics Division at Toray Textiles Central Europe in Prostějov for the past six years, will be returning to Japan to undertake a new product development project known as Innovative Printing Materials (IPM).

TIE_pr18012_01: Toray’s Graphics Division team in the Czech Republic with Mr. Kamei in first row at the far right of the image.

TIE_pr18012_02: from left to right - The new management: Mitsunori Hayashi, Business Director and Kaoru Ueda, Associate Director for Technology.

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