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ETS to participate in HIS 2018
Latest research on environmental contamination in hospital toilets based on hand drying method to be shared at Symposium session
21 Nov 2018

Brussels, Belgium – 21 November 2018- The European Tissue Symposium (ETS) has confirmed its presence at HIS 2018 taking place at the Arena and Convention Centre (ACC), Liverpool from 26-28 November. The annual conference of the Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) gathers infection prevention and control experts to share experience and best practice.

In addition to being present with a booth at Stand 40 in the BT Convention Centre, ETS will also host a Symposium slot in Room A from 17.00 - 18.00hrs on Tuesday 27 November featuring Professor Mark Wilcox, Professor of Medical Microbiology, University of Leeds, Consultant/Head of Microbiology Research & Development, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

In his presentation, entitled “Using the correct hand drying method – does it really matter in infection control?”, Prof. Wilcox will share the results of his latest study measuring the prevalence of environmental contamination - including by antibiotic resistant bacteria - in toilets according to hand-drying method.

The multi-site study*, designed by Professor Wilcox and his team and carried out at hospitals in France, Italy and the UK, found that options for hand-drying in public toilets are associated with clearly differing potential for environmental bacterial contamination. Higher levels of contamination were found in toilets using jet air dryers compared with those using paper towels, with multiple examples of significant differences in the extent of surface bacterial contamination, including by faecal associated (enterococci and enterobacteria) and antibiotic resistant bacteria (MRSA and ESBL-producing bacteria).

Laboratory and in situ studies have demonstrated that some hand-drying methods are associated with a greater risk of dissemination of residual microbes from hands after (particularly suboptimal) handwashing,” commented ETS chairman, Fanis Papakostas. “This latest research shows that hand-drying method can affect the risk of (airborne) dissemination of bacteria in real world settings.”

The findings have significant implications for hygiene in hospital toilets frequented by staff, patients and the general public and suggest that jet air dryers may not be suitable for such settings where the risk of microbial cross-contamination is high.

* You can read the entire Multi-site study here & make sure to watch the video to learn more about it.


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