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jun 08
Ritual-tainment in a digital revolution: human factor rules!
Posted by Riet Delsin
Last week at the BOPE18 event by VIGC in Brussels, one word stayed in my mind: ‘Ritual-tainment’. Cis Scherpereel called it ‘The people factor in ecommerce, how people make the difference in doing business online’. It refers to the human/people...
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apr 01
The steady growth of Tresure Group, one of the most versatile print-houses.
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The rapidly expanding Tresure Group is steadily becoming a force to be reckoned with. Its strength lies in its diversity explains Mr. Tresure, CEO Tresure Group. “After making investments with variable results, I became increasingly unsure of what to do next....
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mar 26
A recipe from Elisabeth Decabootere - Cod à la Meditteraneo
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The duolicious cookbook is a collection of duomedia’s favourite recipes. It offers a selection of international starters, main courses and desserts that are unique to each duomedia team member. You can read more about it here.   Elisabeth Decabootere...
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feb 23
How to get your clients to participate in a testimonial
Posted by Louis De Nolf
When a business is on the verge of making a major investment there is a lot of risk involved. If done right, it can be the key to a successful future. But if an investment does not deliver, it can be a long-term nightmare that will slow down a business for...
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jan 25
What your design says about your business
Posted by Elisabeth Decabootere
image from When a company’s visuals start to look outdated, you get the same feeling about their products and services. Whether it is the logo, the web design, the quality of a flyer, the lay-out of the newsletter or the presentation template...
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