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The steady growth of Tresure Group, one of the most versatile print-houses.
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The rapidly expanding Tresure Group is steadily becoming a force to be reckoned with. Its strength lies in its diversity explains Mr. Tresure, CEO Tresure Group. “After making investments with variable results, I became increasingly unsure of what to do next. But, we were looking to expand our activities because of growing demand.”

The next investment needed to be spot on as it could make or break Tresure Print, as it was previously called.

When investigating all the options one of Mr. Tresure’s production team members spotted that many of the solutions they were looking for made up the portfolio of duomedia’s clients. “At first I thought Didier was joking when he mentioned the duomedia website. Still I gave it a go and searched the duomedia newsroom.  Before I knew it, two hours had passed as I read about many successful implementations, innovation and product launches.”

After reading everything Tresure Print confidently invested in a Konica Minolta bizhub PRO digital press. This new printing solution created the need for strong suppliers. The duomedia website offered a clear solution. They combined Esko’s automation engine with X-Rite colour management tools. “Thanks to duomedia as our information source, we felt very confident about our purchasing decisions. We were able to quickly deliver high-quality prints to our customers. We almost couldn’t keep up with demand. The ROI was off the charts.”

Mr Tresure got wind of the ‘Finat European Label Forum’ through a duomedia newsletter. That newsletter is a game changer, I cannot recommend it enough. He states. At the Finat ELF, Tresure Print saw the potential there was in the labelling market. “We felt we needed to step it up a notch.” Mr. Tresure continued. The demand for quick versatile solutions made them investigate digital printing further.

Once more the duomedia website provided rich information. “One thing led to another and before I knew it we had a Xeikon CX3 Cheetah installed and a Mimaki JV series.” This successfully took Tresure into the Textile, Labelling and Signage markets in one fell swoop.

Tresure had evolved into Tresure Group. The new markets opened so many new doors. For every request Tresure Group had a qualitative answer. Choosing new suppliers had become a no brainer.

Now, when Tresure Group needs a solution, they turn to the duomedia website first. “That's how we've got our machines insured by ADW Verzekeringen.

Next on the agenda Tresure group intends to invest in an offset printer. After what we've read on they came to the conclusion they need to introduce the Hüber Group inks, Sappi Papers and Toray plus Asahi Photoproducts plates in their production hall.

Mr. Tresure continues that the synergy between duomedia’s clients is a dream come true when you look for the best solution. Even the decision to get paper towels in the bathroom was made easy thanks to the video they saw of ETS, the European Tissue Symposium on duomedia’s Twitter account.

Didier started following duomedia on social media. That’s where he stumbled upon some duomedia posts on Facebook and LinkedIn that sparked the idea for Tresure Group to get into the food & beverage packaging market. We got in contact with Taghleef Industries’ Extendo films and United Caps’ Screw and flip caps. “The abundance of new opportunities and leads showed us this is the path to follow.” Didier says.

We’ve come to the point we can’t wait to see what business will be smart enough to work with duomedia as a communication partner next.



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