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A recipe from Monika Dürr - The Original Wiener Schnitzel
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Monika Dürr has been a Communication Consultant with duomedia for many years now. We asked Monika some more information about her recipe:


In Germany it is common to have a “Schnitzel Wiener Art” which is made with pork cutlets. But the Wiener Original is an all-time favorite


8 pieces Veal cutlets (90 g each) 4 Eggs 200 g Bread crumbs (very fine) 100 g Flour (fine) 300 ml Butter 100 g Vegetable oil Salt Lemon slices (and fried parsley for garnish)

Preheat oven to 180°C Bake 45 min 180 Serves 4


Tenderize the veal for about 2–4 min, and salt on both sides. On a flat plate, stir the eggs briefly and softly with a fork.

Lightly coat the cutlets in flour then dip into the egg, and finally, coat in breadcrumbs.

Heat the butter and oil in a large pan (allow the fat to get very hot) and fry the schnitzels until golden brown on both sides. Make sure to toss the pan regularly so that the schnitzels are surrounded by oil and the crumbing becomes ‘fluffy’.

Remove, and drain on kitchen paper. Fry the parsley in the remaining oil and drain. Place the schnitzels on a plate and serve garnished with parsley and slices of lemon.

Best served together with cooked potatoes, potato salad or French Fries with a side salad.


Monika Dürr

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