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A recipe from Annette Finn - Bavarian Fleischpflanzerl
Posted by Annette Finn

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Annette has been a Content PR Consultant for the DACH area since 2005. We asked Annette why she chose this recipe and here is what she said.

Fleischpflanzerl – as it is called in Bavaria – or Frikadellen or Buletten are common all over Germany. They are pan-fried meat patties that can be eaten warm as a main dish with potato salad or with mashed potatoes or carrots cooked in butter, or with whatever other vegetable you prefer. The other option is to serve it as a cold snack with bread or a roll with a pinch of mustard.

Fleischplanzerl is the first dish my mother taught me to cook when I was a young girl, so it has a special place in my heart.

600 g mixed minced meat (half pork, half beef) • 2 one day-old bread rolls (no baguette) • 1/2 cup boiling water or hot milk • 2 eggs • pinch of salt • 1 finely chopped larger mild onion • 45 g chopped fresh parsley • 5 g fresh marjoram • 5 g basil • 1 ml lemon zest • 1 ml fresh ground black pepper • 1 tsp medium-hot mustard • 2 g ground sweet paprika • pinch of ground mace • 1 crushed garlic clove • butter oil

Soften bread rolls for about 30 minutes and then squeeze them dry.

Put all ingredients and the squeezed rolls in a bowl and mix well, preferably using your hands. It takes around five minutes to get a homogeneous structure.

Heat the butter oil in a large frying pan.

Form 8 patties with your wet hands and fry over a medium heat until browned on both sides. They should no longer be pink inside. This takes in total ca. 25 minutes. Lower the heat towards the end to avoid a burned surface.

This typical German dish will be best enjoyed with a local beer (Augustiner or Tegernsee Hell).

Annette Finn

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