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may 03
You might have heard about translation memory, but do you know how it works?
Posted by
The nuts and bolts A translation memory is a tool duomedia uses that enables the storing of translated content and its reuse. It takes the form of a bilingual database that contains a source sentence and its corresponding translation, and it is divided into...
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nov 16
How different is Simplified Chinese from Traditional Chinese?
Posted by Corentin Rosé
Ever needed your texts to be translated into Chinese but don’t quite know the difference between Chinese and Mandarin? Not sure if Chinese Simplified or Traditional Chinese is right for you? duomedia will help you find some answers. The Chinese language...
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jul 07
Getting the most out of trade events
Posted by Louis De Nolf
For many organisations, trade events provide ideal venues for announcing product launches and innovations. They offer the ability to address a large target audience about products and solutions a company has to offer and its strategic direction. It gives organisations...
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oct 21
Hi, hallo, bonjour, Guten Tag, ola, ciao
Posted by Nora Weis
Don’t you just love it when somebody suddenly addresses you in your mother tongue when you least expect it? It immediately adds sympathy and could possibly open the door to a more familiar interpersonal relationship. No misunderstandings, no more getting...
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feb 20
duomedia travels around the world every day
Posted by Sebastien Le Roux
  How duomedia successfully integrates localisation services with PR campaigns New duomedia PR-colleague Ruben Hauglustaine interviews Sébastien Le Roux, Director of Services and Operations and managing the localisation services as a professional...
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