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oct 18
6 ways to get the most out of your LinkedIn page
Posted by Ailsa Willis
Stay with us to pick up a few tips that will not only help you increase your number of followers, but also help develop a more active and interactive LinkedIn page for your B2B company. As you may imagine, there are many tips and useful tools out there on the subject....
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aug 22
How to prepare a B2B press release
Posted by Louis De Nolf
When a company or brand has interesting news to announce or share, it can be a very interesting opportunity to distribute a press release. Thanks to the press release, industry influencers can pick up on a message and help spread it further. As a result, not...
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feb 23
How to get your clients to participate in a testimonial
Posted by Louis De Nolf
When a business is on the verge of making a major investment, there is a lot of risk involved. If done right, it can be the key to a successful future. But if an investment does not deliver, it can be a long-term nightmare that will slow down a business for...
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dec 20
3 ways to make sure your B2B audience is listening
Posted by Louis De Nolf
What does a high tech B2B brand focus on when they announce the launch of a new product or service? For a lot of businesses with a lengthy R&D process, the answer will be on the technical features: The speed of processing, data processed, the amount of minerals...
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sep 14
How to prepare yourself for an in-depth interview
Posted by Lutt Willems
Maintaining good relationships with the trade media in your industry should be a key element of your marketing and PR activities. Social media, YouTube and other communications methods aside, the trade press remains a vital channel to reach your customers and get...
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